Currently Producing


La Prod’

A self-centered director, an eccentric choreographer and a downright disgusting casting director try to convince a production on the verge of bankruptcy to embark on the creation of various musical shows with more unlikely themes other. Then begin totally ludicrous auditions in search of their main roles among a pleiad of candidates.e.s from the strangest to the most disconcerting. Will they find the perfect beads for the most unusual musical show of the season?

Created by Julie Rohart and Margot Capespine
Directed by Julie Rohart
Featuring Gaelle Gauthier, Julien Alluguette, Véronique Hatat and Guests
Status : in development


Sous la Peau

These are two characters whose roads might never have crossed. And yet… In the early morning of a dark night, these two souls meet. He is imprisoned in a world of delirium and violence. She is very lonely and has lost her father drowned in the ocean she loves while inflicting herself a strict life to fulfill the latter’s dream: to become a professional surfer. It is finally an even more tragic event that will take them both on the path to healing.

Written and directed by Julie Rohart
Produced by Margot Capespine
Featuring Julia Mugnier, Vladimir Perrin, Alexandre Lopoka
Status : in production



Romane joins an integration meeting at CaractèriElles, a Parisian professional women’s network led by Louise. She quickly suspects this latter runs another exclusive club for those who have decided to take the destiny of women into their own hands, by all necessary means, even illegal.

Written by Margot Capespine
Status : in development



An audio and visual experiment lived through the eyes of our heroine who just woke up in what seems a hospital room surrounded by people busy preparing her for her big moment.

Written by Margot Capespine
Status : in development